july 04, 2016 06:19 pM
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You have started making plans for the big day now. Guest lists are almost ready. no matter how big or small the list is, there is always a need of a thoughtful way to communicate with all those people you have invited to join your wedding ceremonies.

Let us consider a scenario. You have sent out invitations and itos the day of your wedding. You suddenly take a note of the invitation suite which has an incorrectly listed church address. now you post the correct address on Facebook to make sure that every guest reaches church on time. However, this is not the best way. In such a case, having a fail-proof communication plan makes things easier. Here, we mention some tips to get a great communication plan for the wedding day.

1. Keep your wedding website updated and accurate.

A wedding website is a great way to help your guests who forgot to bring invitations while traveling or misplaced them. Ensure that the main page of the website contains all the latest information you want to convey to your guests and that all the addresses are accurate.

2. Frame a concise message that is easy to understand.

You donot require a detailed explanation of what had happened. Make a to-the-point, short message for the guests to avoid any confusion. All you need to tell them is that for some reason, there is a change in plans and what they should do in that case.

3. Use wedding website trick.

An exciting feature of wedding website is mailing each person on your guest list. The nShare your Siteo button on the dashboard pops up an email contact form with variety of fields. You can use this feature to communicate with everybody on your guest list. Simply create a subject and message for the last minute changes you want to inform them about and send out to all your attendees.

4. Create a trustworthy group for text tree

You can assign such a task to selected members in such a way that no relatives get left out. You would want to do this for friends too. once they start spreading the message, it spreads further to those who are attending the wedding.