May 17, 2016 07:59 AM
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Wedding Dresses

Because one dress just isn't enough!

In what sounds like the olympics of weddings, Thai actress noey Chotika gets a gold medal thanks to herjcount 'emjsix wardrobe changes for her big day. That's six different dresses all for one grand occasion, so pay attention or your head will most certainly be spinning.

Each dress is quite different from the nextjthough equally as gorgeousjand it's clear Chotika wanted to make the celebration one that nobody on the face of the planet with access to internet would ever forget.

For the record, not all six dresses were donned on the same day. The first was worn for her hen party two weeks before the wedding, and the final was worn for the after-party.

now that we've got the logistics out of the way, let's check out each of the outfits one by one:

1. First, Chotika's hen partyjaka the bachelorette party: 2. next up is a shimmery pink number: 3. Here's an embroidered and bejeweled ensemble that goes perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses. 4. Don't forget this casualjread: super elegantjgown that seems to have been worn just for the photo op. 5. Finally, we see the actual wedding dress. It's freakin' gorgeous, naturally.