September 26, 2016 10:58 AM
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Bridal Diets

Ah, the French and their ability to make everything look so chic without even trying. We asked French wedding blogger nessa Buonomo of La MariAe Aux pieds nus how to pull off the ultimate effortless look on your wedding day like a true parisian.

"Think about the big picture," was her first piece of advice. From the venue to the dress and the accessories you choose for your big day, make sure they complement each other and your wedding theme.

"For a Gatsby-inspired wedding in a beautiful hotel, you'd probably go for a glamorous beaded dress and some sparkly accessories whereas you would choose a more simple lace dress and maybe go barefoot for a laid-back wedding in your parents' barn," Buonomo told us.

Here is the rest of her breakdown on how to get some of that French je ne sais quoi.

1. The Dress

"The perfect dress is should really reflect the personality of the bride. It could be simple, sexy, extravagant, or elegant. personally, I do have a crush on simple yet elegant dresses with sleeves and beautiful details such as lace or mother-of-pearl buttons. I love a dress that looks timeless."

2. The Shoes

"I really love it when brides go for flats. It could be a simple pair of sandals for a country wedding, or a Zizi from Repetto for an authentic parisian look. of course, heels are great too! In any case, brides shouldn't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to their shoes. They should just make sure to have a second pair so they can dance the night away."

3. The Accessories

"There's so much to say about accessories and so many great designers. I love the amazing and timeless handmade flower crowns of the parisian designer Sidonie Lemaitre , the delicate accessories from My Sen based in paris, or the beautiful handmade wedding bands and engagement rings made by the talented Myrtille Beck ," Buonomo says.

"Whatever you decide on, always keep in mind that less is more. Choose a beautiful hair piece, earrings, or an encrusted belt, but do not wear all of them."

4. The Veil

"If you want to wear a veil, go for it. They are beautiful and they add a certain retro vibe to the bride's silhouette, especially the ones tied around the head. Every wedding dress designer has beautiful veils to match their dresses, but I love the ones of Melinda Rose Design or Sibo Designs ."

5. The Beauty Look

"Simplicity above all. on your wedding day, you should look like you jthe best version of you, of course. You don't have to look like you're in disguise or feel like a different person."

6. The Bouquet

"I love natural, effortless, and simple weddings. I really like garden-styled bouquets, where flowers look like they've just been picked from the field. I love it when a bouquet incorporates something special about the couple. For example, one of my brides requested some olive tree leaves in her bouquet because of her husband's name, olivier," Buonomo says.

"In my opinion, flowers should always be chosen with regards to the season. Everything will look a lot more cohesive if the bridal bouquet reflects the wedding theme and the venue. That's why I really love foraged bouquets that are made with foliage picked around the wedding venue."